Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers. Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.
Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers.Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.

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In this section we present articles related to IBM DB2 LUW query performance.


Our goal is to help young db2 database administrators and db2 developers in the designing of their data warehouses. As databases grow in size, keeping good performance becomes a challenge. The DB2 multi-partition feature is used worldwide, and no doubt, is one of the best database engines running today in the market.


When manipulating large databases, query performance mostly depends on how our tables, queries, and processes  are structured and designed. IBM DB2 multi-partition feature introduces a well known horizontal scalability. However, if the queries and batch processes are not designed to meet the advantages of this feature, the overall performance might not be as expected.


This is not an IBM website. This website is to publish tips and recommendations that dba’s and developers have found to be useful in obtaining better performance when manipulating data in large db2 data warehouses.


If you want to submit your article or tips to be published in this website, send it to us at:

Articles & Tips.


Simultaneous parallel processing in distributed databases

 How does the IBM DB2 multi-partition feature works? Examples of how to scripts the SQL statements to run in parallel, simultaneously across all database partition is given.

Replicated MQT & small tables vs big tables. Addressing a performance issue

How to significantly improve update queries in large db2 implementations? An approach addressing the issue of not having the expected performance when modifying large tables using replicated MQT is disclosed.


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