Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers. Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.
Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers.Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.

What is db2Gdba all about?


db2Gdba is a client utility for DB2 LUW databases designed for db2 database administrators and developers. It is a lightweight standalone Windows application, quick to open, and efficient to retrieve both metadata, and most used monitoring data from the db2 database.


The idea behind its designing is to have a GUI tool to quickly identify issues db2 dba’s and db2 developers encounter on a regular basis, without having to memorize large db2 commands or queries, and having to navigate through a large database object tree.

The db2Gdba identity: Quick to display useful real time monitoring metrics, and efficient and friendly in searching metadata information and its properties. All this, regardless whether your db2 system is an OLTP database or a huge data warehouse.


Real time information like the list of applications currently connected, process state, executing statements with real time snapshot details, status of the database, memory utilization, log usage at the database partition level, running db2 utilities and their progress, tablespace status, WLM activities, and more is all at a glance.


db2Gdba is designed with multi-partitioned implementation in mind. The metadata and monitoring information is presented both at the database partition and global levels.


One of the relevant features of the db2Gdba is the way it displays the metadata. Most database utilities use the tree structure to display metadata objects. db2Gdba instead, uses a tab structure where all the information is at a glance. This makes the search of any object more efficient.


Each tab is designed for a different type of database object. Thus, each tab displays all the information corresponding to one specific database object. 


The db2Gdba is a great application for developers. It can monitor how their statements are performing following quantitative snapshot values in real time while watching them running. 




What db2Gdba is not about?


The db2Gdba is not a query editor.

db2Gdba offers a way to quickly retrieve DDL (data definition language) of one or multiple database objects at once. It also offers a way to build lists of commands for multiple database objects that can be executed in a separate query processor. Db2Gdba can retrieve the DDL information in a db2 CLP (command line processor) syntax as well.


It does not follow a tree database structure.

Unlike most db2 utilities, db2Gdba does not follow the commonly used tree database structure to present and get to the database objects. It uses a windows tab structure which makes any type of search faster and efficient.



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