Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers. Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.
Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers.Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.

Update (08/26/2016)

The new db2Gdba111.exe is introduced to support db2 v. 11.1 for LUW.

Fixes for db2Gdba101 and db2Gdba105. 

The "Snapshot" button in the Applications tab now shows the results from the MON_GET_UNIT_OF_WORK table function for the selected agentId in the grid.

For db2Gdba105 the "Lock Chain" button in the Application tab now becomes enabled only when the selected Application record is in status LOCKWAIT.

Other minor fixes or improvements were performed.


Update (07/12/2016)

Interface for HADR now can show secondary stanby databases.


Update (08/12/2015)

This update incorporates the use of DB2 native methods to create DDL of tables.


Update (08/02/2015)

Fixed a locale issue on the Tablespaces/Status View tab.


Update (07/23/2015)

Fixed the a bug when retrieving the DDL of range partitioned tables.


Update (05/14/2015)

Changes the utility view layout to illustrate the utility progress by database partition.


Update (04/25/2015)

Minor Esthetic changes.


Update (03/18/2015)

Fixed the Storage Groups View (Menu Global Objects) to correctly display the total, used, and free sizes of the storage groups.


Update (03/12/2015)

The "Space Allocation View" in Tablespace Tab has been modified to use the actual container file size to report the nodes with largest and smallest tablespace file allocation. The view  ilustrates  skewness in disk space allocation of tablespace containers defined accross multipartitioned groups. This view is only available in DPF databases.


Update (03/09/2015)

Addresses an issue where using a windows locale with decimal separator other than .(dot).


Update (01/01/2015)

Fixed tablespace status window not showing the free pending size.

We rearranged the statement application window to better display the data/index/temp data/ temp index data utilization during real time monitoring of a process. This allows the db2 admin or developer to see how data versus index rows are being utilized.

Other minor fixes were applied.


Update  (09/13/2014)

db2Gdba for DB2 version 10.1 is introduced.


Update (09/13/2014)

Added new functionality.

Interface to monitor dynamic statements.

Update  (04/13/2014)  Go to this page to see more detail.

Added new functionality.

An interface to monitor Instance and Database Pools  Memory.

An interface to track utilization of the buffer pools. It has the functionality to resetting metrics at the application level. 

An interface to display Declared Global Temporary Tables (DGTT) and their status in real time.


Update  (03/23/2014)

Fixes a reported bug when filtering by table name in the table-space tables window.


Update 2 (03/16/2014)

Fixes the TBSP_TRACKMOD_STATE issue when  calling tablespace status list or tablespace status Window. This issue only happened with db2 9.7 before fix 5 where TBSP_TRACKMOD_STATE still hadn't been implemented. The issue can also show up after fix 5 if the database hasn't been upgraded.

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