Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers. Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.
Tips & Tools for db2 dba's & Developers.Making our db2 Data Warehouses easy to Administer and Control.

Db2Gdba Support. New Interfaces.

 The db2Gdba is constantly updated with new functionality. Below, are the new interfaces added and not reflected in the support pages.



Memory Pools.


 As part of the snapshot tab, a new Memory Pools tab displays Instance Memory and Database Pool Memory consumption.

In multi partitioned environments, this information is illustrated for all the physical nodes (see figure below).


Instance and memory pools data for a single partition database



Temporary Tables.


The Table tab now has two sub tabs for permanent and temporary tables. The Temporary Tables tab displays the list of all declared global temporary tables (DGTT), few of their defining properties, and the status of the application using the table. Using the Columns button the user can see all the columns defined, and using the status button the user can see the activity happening on the table, along with the data size in real time. (see the two figures below).


Temporay tables tab displaying a filtered list of DGTT
DGTT status. Multiple tables selected. By clicking the Refresh button, the user can see the modifying activity of the DGTT's



Buffer Pool Performance.


 You can now track your buffer pool utilization by getting a real time snapshot of the buffer pool activity, like the hit ratios and read metrics.
The figures below shows this information for all database members. More detailed information at the node level can be seen by clicking the More button. This latter interface is the only one available in the single partition database.  (see the two figures below).


Real time buffer pool utilization. The values can be reset at the application level.
Real time buffer pool utilization at the member level. The values can be reset at the application level.
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